Lanikai Beach On Oahu

True to its name which means “royal sea” or maybe “heavenly sea,” Lanikai Beach is paradise located on the windward coast of Oahu. Imagine a-half mile long strip of silk soft sand lapped by calm turquoise waters, tall palm trees swaying in the breeze, endless sunshine, along with twin islands as though suspended on the ocean. Imagine water so clear you are able to see fishes swimming below its surface. Locals consider this the family beach in Hawaii. Photographers and models seek this place for the photo shoots of theirs.

Add to the scenic beauty of its, Lanikai Beach is does not have any rip currents, no steep drop offs and is sheltered from surfs by an offshore reef. Safe for swimming for the entire family, it’s no question why locals choose Lanikai as perfect beach for swimming.

Free of stream run-offs, the waters are perfectly clear. Snorkel the clear turquoise waters and you’ll find a decorative company that comprise of tropical fishes, sea turtles, along with various other sea creatures. or perhaps you are able to rent a kayak (with clear bottom, if you like watching fishes while you paddle) to the islands of Moku Nui and Moku Iki, two noted bird sanctuaries. Moku Nui, the larger island, has a small beach where website visitors also swim and picnic. Nevertheless, since the islands are subject to high surfs, you need to take extra care when walking the shores on the windward side of the destinations. If you’re no expert swimmer, do not venture kayaking in to the island also.

If you’re into windsurfing, trade winds here make the perfect windsurfing condition.

Nevertheless, since Lanikai Beach is situated in a secluded place without parking space and with little facilities, visitors visit Kailua instead. That it is almost bare of facilities is both equally an upside along with a downside. On the downside, guests do not get the convenience of getting quick access to restrooms, showers, and parking lot. On the upside, the beach is free of usual tourist crowds. With its relaxed atmosphere, you are able to immerse yourself in Lanikai’s Edenic beauty in completed serenity.