Check Out Asus RT N66U If You're Searching For A Great High Performance Router

Asus recently introduced the Asus RT N66U router to replace its extremely effective predecessor, the Asus RT-N56U. Having been in development for awhile now, the Asus RT N66U was built upon feedbacks from the clients of it’s on its already highly recommended predecessor.

Asus makes big enhancements to crucial parts like the internal radio antenna, processor, memory, firmware as well as the GUI user interface to create the Asus RT N66U among the largest performance router in its class; actually surpassing the predecessor of its the RT N56U.

Realizing that the customers of theirs wouldn’t take anything less of its brand new flagship router, Asus has set up a great deal of energy into this innovative product and also the buyers that have purchased the Asus RT N66U from are raving about their unique router.

The Wow Factor

Although nearly all individuals have seen a photograph of the Asus RT N66U on the package, they’re frequently wowed whenever they open up the package and also see the wireless router itself. Following the footsteps of the RT N56U, the stylish look of the RT N66U nearly makes it look as a thing of beauty which is going to fit well in any environment.

As the Asus RT N66U is focused at the connected home and also SOHO market, Asus enables you to put the router horizontally, vertically and you also are able to also hang it. The stand will come with it not only enables you to place it vertically but also enables you to change it so it gets the optimum signal strength.


To obtain the greatest performance, the N66U has 2 bands – 2.4 and five Ghz at 450 Mbps per band. These 2 bands give you all of the performance you need. The 2.4 Ghz band could be utilized for elementary online applications as web surfing, email messages and also file downloading while the five Ghz band is utilized for films, music as well as internet gaming. The RT N66U comes with 3 antennas and it supports all of the existing WiFi requirements in the industry.